Accredited by EFSIS, Cambden BRI and PFMA


Wet Foods

Cambrian produces a variety of chunks in jelly, chunks in gravy, loaf (or all meat) in jelly and premium 'holistic' diets, and specialist dietetic canned diets, in steel containers in sizes including 300g, 400g and 1200g. Packaging includes six pack, 12 pack, mixed variety and 2 x 12 x 400grm, 1200grm - 6x 1200grm & 12 x 1200grm.

Dry Foods

Dry foods produced include standard, premium and super premium dog and cat foods in a wide variety of packaging formats including 300grm, 500grm, 1kg to 5kg VFFS vertical form fill and seal retail packs, to 1.5 to 5kg 'SOS' (Self Opening Sack) retail formats to 10 to 20kg sacks.

In addition to the above widely accepted product formats, Cambrian develops proprietary and innovative products at the request of customers.