Accredited by EFSIS, Cambden BRI and PFMA

Contract Manufacturing Strategy

Cambrian's contract manufacturing strategy also includes leveraging the same operating tenets as the Private-Label Strategy to enable it to provide contract manufacturing services to wet and dry pet food brand owners. It is Cambrian's goal to develop manufacturing capabilities that enable it to produce, on a competitive cost basis, products comparable to the brands, enabling these brand owners to choose Cambrian as their contract manufacturing supplier.

We are able to develop and produce bespoke formulations to ensure that our customer’s ranges are kept fresh and exciting. Alternatively we also provide tried and tested, high quality, mainstream products “off the shelf”, to suit our customers requirements. All this is based upon a close understanding of our customers, their brands, and their customers. We use our experience and unique development methods to deliver new, innovative and targeted recipes, that allow our customers to continually improve their offering.